OnE fLeW oVeR tHe CuCkOo'S nEsT



Research - Recording the Design Process - Early stages.


Part 1 of when I begin any new design project is to read the play as is, no analysing, no immediate design ideas. (Trying not to is the more operative term) Just me, the play, a cup of tea and a comfy chair.

The script breakdown is such a useful tool for really knowing the play inside out, mine is typically a table breakdown of the plot order, locations, entrances and exits, the playwrights intentions, props and costume. My script breakdown is my mini bible to get to information fast without searching endlessly for where that particularly prop was in the play or which characters are in that scene. I constantly come back to it throughout the process.

I go one step further with my breakdowns and I have a notes section where I begin to analyse or make statements about the play. My direct responses are based on what is happening in that particular bit, sometimes it is a design idea, dramatic idea, a reference to a film or TV show, or sometimes a wider statement to do with the themes of play or how it might parallel the real world.

Open the file below for a full breakdown of the story line.

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Script Breakdown One Flew Over a Cuckoos
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